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In this article authors considered the globalization problem as objective and natural phenomenon in the history of mankind. Development of processes of globalization happens quite long time. Globalization is an evolutionary tendency of development of society and has unambiguous character. Globalization focuses problems of the modern world. In article authors showed the main approaches to concept globalization. They focused the main attention on irreversibility of globalization processes. Globalization bears the new differentiation, new problems mentioning everything society spheres. Globalization is capable to lead the certain countries not only to lag, but also to their «loss» from the formed world order. Such policy can't gain all states therefore the wave of antiglobalistic movements of a protest grows. In this article authors gave opinions of theorists of post-industrial, information society on formation qualitatively other type of a social system by means of globalization. Many scientists consider that this natural objective process on the one hand, gives to the states new opportunities, with another - bears threats to various spheres of activity of society. At the correct approach of the state to prospects of globalization it is possible to strengthen opportunities and to minimize impact of threats that will positively influence general increase of welfare. In article authors specified that globalization is not only political and economic requirement, but also regularity of development of progressive society, this process is uncontested, but changeable.


globalization; post-industrial society; economy

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