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The purpose of this article consists in the analysis of objective and subjective prerequisites of the Russian system crisis. Authors solved the following scientific tasks for realization of a goal: to open essence of objective prerequisites of system crisis in the Russian Federation; to analyze the subjective reasons of the Russian system crisis. Object of research are a system economic crisis of the Russian Federation. An object of research, in turn, are objective (external) and subjective (internal) prerequisites of a system economic crisis in Russia. The methodological and theoretical basis of research is scientific works of both domestic, and foreign scientists in the field of social and economic transformations and institutional changes, sociology and managerial economics. As a result of research authors established that the current economic crisis in the Russian Federation gained lines of systemacity in connection with existence of a number of the interconnected factors of the subjective and objective nature entering with each other acute contradiction that allows to draw a conclusion on need of formation of cardinally new approach to management of economy for our country. During research authors received confirmation that developed under the influence of the internal subjective reasons (administrative, personnel, political, etc.) the control system of national economy can't give the adequate answer to a call of a world global order, the caused globalizations of the international economic relations, activity of «the world government», multinational corporations, etc. They noted that the model of social and economic development taking place in our country doesn't correspond to objective public need of modernization of the country.


system crisis; political economy; globalization

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