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In article the author considered data of the prospecting sociological research devoted to studying of bodybuilding (body building) as strategy of social behavior where courage is a certain canon to which modern young people have to aspire. There are opinions of visitors of gyms of Tambov on perception of bodybuilding, the attitude towards him as to type of social behavior. Health value always was actual, and awareness of importance of a healthy lifestyle, attractive corporal image for achievement of success plays an important role in aspiration of the personality more and more attention to give to the physical state. In these conditions bodybuilding studying as a set of social practices, influencing formation of an image of courage, claimed in Russia, is actual. Bodybuilding provides finding of desirable corporal proportions due to change of muscles of a body. Social installations, motives of people on formation of a certain type of a constitution, as well as idea of an image of courage, and that influences this image, differ that once again speaks about relevance of the chosen research subject. As a result of sociological research the author made the conclusion that courage is not only associated with the external data, for example, physical parameters of a body, but also a spiritual component, valuable orientations of the modern man. Respondents who took part in research have active living position, try to correspond to the social status even if it is about sports trainings. Respondents know what is bodybuilding, and in general are fond of «body building», however aren't zealous in this process, especially girls as there is a negative attitude to a masculinization of a female body. Men give preference to big physical activities, than girls, growing old thus to keep a good physical shape. It isn't surprising, considering widespread visual images of courage and feminity in products of modern mass culture.


courage; bodybuilding; body building; healthy lifestyle; sport

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