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Article is about a phenomenon of wrong and false reminiscence in Marina Tsvetaeva's «Live about alive» which local case is a mention in the essay «Live about alive» of a figure from literary process parallel to a modernism - the writer and the feuilletonist Aleksandr Yablonovsky. Appearance of this literary person along with Valery Bryusov in a cultural context of the beginning of the 1910s years looks unfairly as Yablonovsky belonged to other not modernist literary field and wasn't the apologist of «the Russian style», the love to which was attributed by Marina Tsvetaeva. In article the author in detail analyzed literary activity of pre-revolutionary Yablonovsky, revealed the attitude of poets modernists towards him (Z. Gippius), and also writers of the right political pool (V. Rozanov). Modern philology considers that hostility critic Yablonovsky to Tsvetaeva, shown already in emigration, is connected as it Irina Shevelenko formulated, that being «the average writer» Yalonovsky had feeling of norms and conventions, perceived a framework of literate norm and «grabbed with a look everything that this framework supported». In the context of article however it is significantly that Yablonovsky - both before emigration, and after - acted in role rather not the critic, namely the feuilletonist and the publicist. Both «antitsvetayeva» of the feuilleton of Yablonovsky («A ladies' whim», 1925; «In a dressing gown», 1926) he wrote in a manner, usual for him (with some political nuances) and quite fit into ideology of the feuilletonist which kernel is a protection of «norm» against «abnormal» modernists that was in pre-revolutionary feuilletons.


Marina Tsvetaeva; Aleksandr Yablonovsky; false reminiscence; cultural context

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