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In article the author noted that the human capital comes to the forefront, acting as the carrier of knowledge and information as major factors of production within post-industrial society. The author carried out comparison of the Russian creative human capital to a state it in other countries that allow to draw a conclusion on existence of a huge gap between potential and observed efficiency of use of human resources in territories. The author registered topical issues of rehabilitation of the resource capital at the expense of human resources, financial, organizational, investment, natural factors, formation and which development at the regional level is actual and necessary. The author paid special attention to questions of formation of regional policy in which indicators of an assessment of quality of life of the population and a level of development of the human capital of the region are seldom considered. For example, when developing strategy, focus is on economic development, to the detriment of social and ecological development, and also problems of formation and development of the human capital. It everything finally makes negative impact on the level of social and economic development of regions and all country in general, and, therefore, and on the sustainable balanced development. At a boundary of the XXI century development of economy dictated objective prerequisites for transition to a new stage of development of the Russian society. Intensive development of scientific and technical progress, comprehensive introduction of advanced technologies to the production sphere, embedding of innovative mechanisms to all spheres of national economy promoted transition to post-industrial society where the services sector, information technologies, science and education therefore the qualitative human capital at the present stage of development of society is capable to influence significantly processes of production and economy of regions in general gained paramount importance.


restoration of the human capital; economic development of the region; quality of the human capital; rehabilitation of the resource capital

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