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Gregory Savich Skovoroda (1722-1794) - one of the largest thinkers of the XVII century, the outstanding philosopher, the poet, the composer and the teacher. He was one of representatives of the educational movement. Gregory Savich Skovoroda was encyclopedically educated person in which original philosophical works the important place he allocated for actually psychological questions. G. V. Skovoroda developed a pantheistical view of the world and a place of the person in it, adheres to the monistical point of view on human nature. Skovoroda identified the nature with the God. His creativity had a pronounced anti-serf focus. G. S. Skovoroda wrote that all people from the birth have the right for happiness. Defining the content of human happiness, the philosopher included in it favorite work, cognitive interest, health of spirit, the sincere world and an optimum mental state. The psychological ideas developed by the Ukrainian thinker touch on many issues actual so far: natural distinctions of people, abilities and tendencies, their development in activity, a problem of perception of the world by the person, self-knowledge, motives and requirements, problems of human relationship and others.


Gregory Savich Skovoroda; theory of «three worlds»; G. S. Skovoroda's pantheism; self-knowledge

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