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Research objective is improvement of a technique of an assessment of providing economic security in the food sphere. Authors studied techniques of an assessment now in use of level of food security at the international level (a technique of FAO) and the similar techniques used by the Government of the Russian Federation. During research authors made the conclusion that the analysis of a condition of economic security of the state in the food sphere on the basis of the indicators established by the Government of the Russian Federation is very difficult. Authors suggested correcting of existing method, using the following provisions: for the analysis of purchasing power it is necessary to pass from concrete types of products to their sets; it is necessary to lean on the located resources of families or for the sum of the consumer expenses spent for purchase of foodstuff. Features of the technique applied by authors are in the following: - estimation of cost of a set of food in the current prices counting on one family member (household) on the basis of the budgetary inspections of Federal State Statistics Service; - calculation and creation of the table in which there is data on the size of consumer expenses counting on one family member (household) on materials of Federal State Statistics Service; - pays off, how many food sets are possible to get for this sum of consumer expenses. Authors also gave results of the analysis carried out by them on the offered technique on the basis of statistical data of Federal State Statistics Service. The offered technique allows to define strategic prospects and directions of correction of realization of economic security in the food sphere.


economic security; food sphere; methodical providing

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