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In article the author considered personnel security in a security system of the organization. He specified the main threats of personnel security from the staff of the organization and in its address, sources of their emergence and a consequence of realization. The author paid the special attention to information security of the organization. Following the results of research the author revealed a certain imbalance in the sphere of information security from leaks. On the one hand, both heads of business and ordinary employees realize importance of information security. On the other hand, in practice information is extremely vulnerable. Nevertheless, the fact of understanding of a problem and certain steps directed on its decision is positive. Changes in the market happen all quicker, and the requirement to the speed of receiving, processing and the analysis of information becomes prime, thus businessmen show readiness to go to the additional expense for the sake of timely obtaining necessary information. In the conditions of the developing business at preservation of fierce competition there comes need of a new way of obtaining information on competitors. Services for the analysis of their activity give such opportunities. Now the explosive growth of number of audiences of social media opened great opportunities for development of business with use of resources of social networks. Social networks offer the companies various functionality and tools for achievement of various purposes.


personnel safety; information security

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