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Article is about a competition among commercial banks. Authors studied concept of the competition, beginning from classical political economy of A. Smith to modern treatments. Authors allocated the necessary objective conditions generating the competition. In article authors considered the question of a labor resource of bank and how it influences competitiveness of financial establishment. Relevance of the matter doesn't raise doubts. In the modern world it is impossible to present the large settlement without such financial organization as bank. The bank is the enterprise which is an independent economic unit, having rights of the legal entity, making and realizing a specific product - banking services. Proceeding from essence of bank activity, authors allocated the main functions of banks: attraction of money and their transformation into the loan capital; mediation in the credit and creation of proceeds of credit of the address. Competitiveness of bank as a part of a financial system of the country and as the independent subject of managing depends on a large number of factors, beginning from environment and finishing with qualification of the workers. In the article authors considered, what qualities show modern financial institutions to the workers; studied why the most exact assessment of professional, business and personal qualities of employees is the most important stage in implementation of selection and hiring of the personnel; defined that overall performance of bank in general and its competitiveness in many respects depends on quality of a manpower. In order that the labor capacity of bank became serious competitive advantage, it is necessary to hold a number of program events. In article authors divided them into some directions.


bank; competition; staff; financial institution; vocational training

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