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The purpose of article consists in disclosure of the nature of modern business. In compliance on purpose during research authors set the following tasks: on the basis of the retrospective analysis of development of capitalist system of managing to show a ratio of the individual and social beginnings of modern business; to define a functional purpose of modern business in the social sphere. Object of research is business as the social and economic phenomenon of economic life. An object of research is social and economic activity of business in their interrelation. Authors revealed that the nature of modern business expresses in close interrelation of its individual and social beginnings that appears in the form of the social investments of business assuming a certain animated economic effect in the long-term plan. Authors showed that modern business in innovative economy does not direct on receiving profit, and on market capitalization of the assets by means of possession of certain competitive advantages. Respectively, in innovative economy economic results of business activity more and more depend on social participation in life of society. Authors proved that in researches of economy of business it is necessary to replace a paradigm of methodological individualism with a paradigm of social individualism. The last has to include such characteristics as the relations of social partnership and social responsibility. On the basis of the analysis of the international experience of social responsibility of business authors revealed the essence of its state regulation in modern system of managing consisting in promoting formation of incentives to investment of capital to the social sphere for business and to interfere with its return actions.


business; individual beginnings of business; social beginnings of business; social responsibility of business; economic person; social person

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