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Economic security of forest sector is a state effective, rational use of resources of forest branch for prevention, easing and protection against threats, dangers and other unforeseen circumstances when ensuring achievement of the objectives in the conditions of the competition and risk. This definition of economic security of forest sector reflects this branch in a situation of uncertainty, unpredictability, change both internal conditions of managing, and external: political, macroeconomic, ecological, legal. Concerning forest sector the author allocated such subjects of economic security as the Russian Federation, subjects of the Russian Federation, municipalities, citizens, legal entities. As object of system of providing economic security the stable economic condition of forest sector in the current and perspective periods acts, i.e. all those transformations (use, protection, protection, reproduction) which directs to increasing the level of economic security of the analyzed economy sector. The stable condition of a forest complex as object of economic security includes in the structure the steady provision of forestry and timber industry branches on preparation and processing of wood. Safety of forest sector of economy of the Russian Federation can be only with implementation of a uniform state policy and systems of measures of economic, political, organizational and other order which correspond to the vital interests of object of economic security. This complex system of providing economic security is set of the interconnected actions of organizational and legal character which are necessary for protection of sector against real or potential influences which can lead to essential economic losses.


threat to security; economic security; subject - object structure; forest sector; levels of management

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