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In this article authors considered the essence and regularities of emergence and course of insolvency of the enterprises from recurrence positions in economy, established features, reasons and value of this phenomenon in Russia, defined methods of smoothing of negative tendencies and a condition of acritical development, a role of the human capital and philosophy of management of the organization at realization of anti-recessionary measures, social innovations as tool in system of crisis management. Crisis management is a kind of management of the organization. Need of crisis management connects with financial improvement of the enterprises functioning in a condition of chronic insolvency. Crisis management is a risk activity on which the destiny of the enterprise, and also reputation of the expert carrying out sanitation depends. The human factor in system of crisis management appears not only concerning the person to crisis, but also in conscious management of crisis. In crisis management the human capital influences mistakes in decision-making, timely perception of signals of cyclic development of economy and the enterprise, objective and value judgment of situations, design of anti-recessionary events. Wishing to neutralize crisis, to solve it in favor of the enterprise, it is necessary to develop the human capital: to invest in education, to motivate an initiative and creativity, to create favorable social and psychological climate, to increase the level of corporate culture. The human capital acts as an element of the mechanism of management in that case when people solve problems of modernization of production, redesigns, uses of innovations, updatings of technologies on its basis. Observance of philosophy in system of crisis management provides success and effective development of the organization, and social innovations clear up formation of process of successful development of the enterprise.


crisis management; crisis; bankruptcy; human capital; philosophy of management of the organization; social innovations

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