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In article the author considered features of perception of justice in the conditions of post-conflict revival and sociocultural modernization of the region, distinguished the main driving forces of innovative transformations and defined the place of justice in hierarchical structure of values. Methodology of a research are concepts of classical and modern sociology, the author applied sociocultural approach and used methods of the quantitative analysis sociological and statistics. The main hypothesis assumes dependence of perception and feeling of justice on social wellbeing of the individual and society in the region and the country. In article the author revealed etymological, legal, social, economic aspects of justice and regarded as idea of due. At the same time the author specified that impact «justice» sociohistorical and cultural experience, type of a social fabric, position of the individual and social groups in system of the social relations exerts on understanding of the nature and the maintenance of value. The author paid attention to various perception of justice in a different social situation. During the conflict justice is associated with safety and is more often with the leveling principle of humanitarian support. In a stable, peace situation the author perceived it as objectivity in implementation of remuneration and punishment, honesty in system of administrative and social management. The author specially placed emphasis on change Soviet and formation of new values, the relation to property, social policy of the state, comes to light degree of expressiveness of paternalism and egalitarianism and made the conclusion about eclecticism of valuable outlook. The author characterized main driving forces of revival and modernization of the region, role of scientific institutions in creation of bases of innovations, indicators of quality of life. In the end the author made the conclusion about dependence of ideas of justice on social wellbeing, type of a social fabric, culture, results of a research can be useful in administrative and political management, activity of public associations.


justice; distribution; equality; inequality; value; modernization; wellbeing

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