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In this article authors considered current state and the prospects of development in Russia of such forms of remote bank service as: ATM banking, Internet banking, mobile and SMS banking. Authors allocated the main tendencies characterizing features of development of the Russian remote channels of bank service. This type of bank service which appeared in the XX century gained special distribution exactly now. The bank sphere of Russia which is carrying out the activity in the conditions of recession in economy and a sanctions regime need to use additional mechanisms on introduction and improvement of channels of the remote bank service (RBS). The network of ATMs and electronic terminals steadily grows in Russia, being improved at the same time is qualitative. One of innovations of this form of DBS in Russia is the accelerated distribution of the ATMs with the closed cash turnover (cash-recycling) allowing banks to save on collection and funding of cash. There are new methods of identification of the client (on a voice, a palm print, etc.). Among plastic cards the technology of contactless payment combining advantages of convenience and safety gains ground. Systems of Internet banking took a strong position among the offered banking products in Russia. Authors claimed that rates of development of remote banking channels allow to predict with confidence the future of the bank sphere in intensive development of DBS and replacement of ordinary channels of bank sale by it.


remote bank service; ATM; terminal network; proximity card; contactless payments; Internet banking; mobile banking

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