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The main sources of formation of property of the enterprise are own and loan capital which size is in a balance passive. Using only own capital, the enterprise has the highest financial stability, but limits rates of the development. The loan capital provides growth of financial capacity of the enterprise in need of essential expansion of its assets and increase of growth rates of volume of its economic activity. It is capable to generate a gain of financial profitability due to effect of financial leverage. At the same time use of the loan capital generates risk of decrease in financial stability and risk of loss of solvency. Level of these risks increases in proportion to growth of specific weight of use of the loan capital. The assets created by the loan capital generate smaller rate of return which decreases for the sum of the paid loan percent. Also there is a high dependence of cost of the loan capital on fluctuations of an environment of the financial market. Thus, the enterprise using the loan capital has higher financial potential of the development and a possibility of a gain of financial profitability, however to a large extent generates financial risk and threat of bankruptcy. The analysis of efficiency of use of own and loan capital of the organizations represents the way of accumulation, transformation and use of information of accounting and the reporting aiming: to estimate the current and perspective financial state of the organization, i.e. use of own and loan capital; to prove the possible and acceptable rates of development of the organization from a position of providing them by financing sources; to reveal available sources of means, to estimate rational ways of their mobilization; to predict position of the enterprise at the market of the capitals.


own capital; loan capital; problems of functioning and use of various sources of the capital of the enterprise

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