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In article the authors considered provisions of the concept of sustainable development from the point of view of their possible use in practice of management of the companies and defined the general approaches and the principles allowing to expand borders of a concept of steady business. The purpose of work is the formulation of theoretical bases for development of a universal technique of formation of the balanced from the point of view of providing economic indicators and public importance, the company. Such work is urgent and demanded from the business realizing need for new approaches to ensuring the competitiveness. Introduction of the principles of sustainable development at the level of firm means transition from traditional ways of business when in focus of strategy of the company there are only interests of shareholders, to socially focused business practicians, the optimum image combining interests of a wide range of the persons interested in results of activity of the company. In article the authors stated the theoretical principles and approaches to expanded treated stability of the company which gradually does not only take more and more significant place in philosophy, but also in practice of modern business. Development of conceptual offers on the basis of which creation of a complex technique of assessment and management of the cost of the company holding in planning and implementation of the activity of the principles of sustainable development is possible further became result of a research.


sustainable development; management on the basis of cost; corporate development; estimation of cost; cost and not cost forms of capital

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