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Article is about judgment of the low-studied phenomenon of sociology of culture and spiritual life - to spiritual communication which represents the highest form of sincere communication of people as aspirations to spiritual evolution and has special qualitative characteristics. Persistent search of the highest forms of interpersonal, group and even mass spiritual communication acts as distinct desire of the homo sapiens to reach other than the existing, possible or impossible, but the best life. Such «another being» is very difficult subject of scientific judgment because the world of spiritual communications is situational and demands great emotional and strong-willed efforts. The large-scale scientific analysis of mass spiritual communication is a business of the near future though some scientific developments in Russia in the field have already appeared. The sociology of spiritual communications as the scientific direction meets the available methodological lack, the person cannot be neither characterized, nor understood by exclusively technical means. The attempt of justification of a phenomenon of spiritual communication already slightly opens a veil in terra incognita as appeals to surprising ability of the person to spiritual, symmetric, unsocial dialogue which differs from verbal dialogue in an opportunity «to be itself, being at the same time and to others». The forms of spiritual communication, most available to sociological observation, are: disinterested friendship (association, sometimes - a spiritual brotherhood that especially often meets during the periods of war events); sympathy; love; pity (not to yourself); sincere mercy; all types of joint creativity. Spiritual communication at the same time expresses both uniqueness of reason, and the spiritual human nature put in the topology of human mentality. It shows qualitative and true difference of people from all other living beings on the earth.


spiritual communication; sincere communication; dialogue; symmetry; person

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