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The necessity of formalizing the GRP growth planning caused by the fact that the existing approaches to the management of regional economies do not provide adequate performance. The development of GRP growth model will allow conducting the prediction of regional economic development in selecting pre-strategy that allows you to determine the best investment option for getting the greatest financial impact. The GRP indicator is the most interesting because it is a general indicator of socio-economic development of the region and the main economic category of regional reproduction. For example, the analysis allows determining the structure of the GRP industry-specific priorities and future directions of the economic activity of the subject of the Russian Federation. To improve efficiency the economy of the region and its further development, determination the most perspective directions of investment by the competent authorities as an actual dominance we should take into account the study and analysis of the production structure of the regional economy, as well as the formation of an optimal model of industry GRP structure, which should take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the region. The proposed model of GRP has higher growth variability and allows predicting the period up to 10 years of economic development of the region, depending on the application of a particular investment strategy. The flexibility of this model makes it possible to check out a few options strategies and choose the most optimal strategy, based on the resulting effect modeling (GRP). Therefore, this mathematical model has a practical importance and can be used by body of executive authority, authorized to develop a regional strategy for economic and social development, its stage of development as the main tool for strategic planning.


gross regional product (GRP); simulation modeling; regional economy; the economic growth; regional investment policy

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