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Today, the question of the need to create mechanisms and instruments to promote effective interaction between business entities within the regional industrial clusters becomes more urgent. First of all, this relates to the implementation regional programs of the investment the cluster structures, the creation of special economic zones, the establishment of funds for support of cluster initiatives, and so on. However, the financial instruments largely scattered, the formation of the institutional environment financial support cluster policy areas located at an early stage and needs to be improved. Implementation of the financial support of the territorial complexes assumes development of an appropriate infrastructure. In accordance with the Concept of Long-Term Socio-Economic Development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020, government policy on cluster includes both financial support for cluster initiatives as well measures of a regulatory nature, suggesting the formation of an appropriate institutional environment and activating in this respect the activities of regional authorities. Development of cluster initiatives in the region suggests not only the establishment of new forms of cooperation in organizational and informational, industrial and other spheres of activity of cluster members, but also on the development of financial mechanisms incentives and for the implementation of these initiatives. The article deals with the question financing of the regional territorial complexes-clusters on the example of the Lipetsk region; it describes the financial instruments and approaches to their use. In general, for the Lipetsk region, clustering is the result of the projection patterns of the modern progressive development of the region's industry, cluster strategy aims to achieve a unifying and a single strategic vision for the future of economic space in the region.


territorial complexes; clusters; financial mechanisms; financial instruments

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