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Under the pressure of external factors, banks are forced to carry out organizational and structural changes and not so much in order to obtain additional income, how to win in the competition. The author shows that the bank today to win in the competition is not enough to offer a good range of banking products and services is much more important to offer the customer a solution for each of their selected products. Based on this analysis, the author showed that the bank's retail business has to evolve from a product-centric model of work with the client when he (the bank), promoting their products on the market and almost nothing know about the client to the direction of customer-centric model, when the bank is preparing a products for each customer segment. Methods of analysis scientific and information base were used as a tool, and the synthesis of the data obtained in the theoretical conclusions and practical recommendations. The author conducted a deep and comprehensive analysis of the segmented approach of banks in the retail business. The author defines a segmented approach in the retail business, it is when a bank product is designed for a group of clients that combined in a homogeneous segment, and must be tailored to the financial capabilities and consumer features of this group of people. The study concluded that those banks will be success which learn to realistically assess customer needs of each segment, a more accurately calculate the risks than their competitors, and quickly deliver to market products that are in demand among customers, and not only financial products, it may be consulted clients in legal knowledge, document etc. Thus, we can say that the bank that wants to be competitive in the market, it is necessary better understand the customer's needs in each segment than their competitors, and have the tools to assess their results in comparison to competitors and the market in general in each segment.


banking; financial engineering company; customer; bank product; the product-centric model; a customer-oriented model

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