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We analyze the efficiency of the strategic management system of the organization, which develops methods and tools of quality management Analysis of the management quality identified from a variety of concepts and terms «quality» of the essence, structure, classification of signs and directions of development the concept of «quality». Studying economy based on the analysis of competitive relationships, the education level, and high qualification of the personnel.etc. It was revealed that for the prosperity and stability of the organization, management needs to meet the requirements of consumers and to maintain a good atmosphere in the team, as well as to regularly monitor the changes in the external environment. Enterprise management system is characterized by as an interaction of the organizational structure, processes, resources, activities that are necessary to ensure that the products conform to the specific quality requirements. The environment is characterized by the impact of factors outside the enterprise. Studying the external environment, allows an organization to adapt to changing conditions, that ensuring high competitiveness and efficiency of the company. The internal environment is characterized by a set of elements that define the degree of enterprise interaction with the environment. The current improving in the management quality of organization is obliged located on based total quality management; it is a continuous improvement of the quality of all processes in the enterprise. Forming and development organizational and economic mechanism of increase competitiveness the organization allows the development of an operational plan of activities aimed at improving the quality of products. Evaluation of competitiveness for strategic indicators allows setting specific objectives to strengthen the company's competitive potential in the long term. It was found that the management system of quality aims to achieving the following objectives: improving the quality of goods; an increase in the growth of customer satisfaction; increasing competitiveness; maintaining sustainable and psychological atmosphere in the team.


management; quality; organization; management system of quality

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