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The article is dedicated to the role of monopolies in national economy (the regulation of pricing, the realization of the competition policy, lobbying on company issues), which allows to formulate key determinatives and national economy development threats caused by their activity. This is specified by contradictory development character of natural monopolies: on the one hand, enterprises-monopolists maintained certain features shaped in the USSR, on the other hand, the immense modernization potential of within-named domestic economy sectors exists. The authors draw a conclusion that government structures, which control antitrust activity, should neutralize monopolies' negative influence on domestic economy by providing a consumer with free choice and facilitating free competition in market trade. It is pointed out that domestic antitrust legislation sets the institutional bases and legal frameworks for antitrust regulation and is aimed at ensuring competition and creating favorable environment for it, however, its target is only to minimize monopoly activity. The key aim of the active laws is to form new economic structures deprived of a chance to become monopolies at the market. The article substantiates that the reinforcement of the globalization influence makes national economic refocusing on innovative development obligatory. This allows to conclude that government should designate the vector of enterprises-monopolists activity plainly and pin down strategic tools of government regulating such as advance in the investment attraction of enterprises-monopolists and in the efficiency of regulated organizations, the neutralization of barriers at the «entry» of a department and the development of the competition, the backing of free access for consumers to goods and services provided by monopolies.


antitrust regulation; monopolies; globalization; natural monopolies

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