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The article analyzes the problems and perspectives of innovation development of small businesses in the agro-industrial complex. Most acutely at the moment is the introduction of innovations in agricultural production of small businesses. Innovative development should be based on intensive use in the production of advanced scientific research and practices are: efficient technologies and techniques, products, methods of organization and effective management methods, new markets. Among the main problems of innovative development of small business in agriculture can be identified such as chronic lack of financial resources, insufficient information security, the imperfection of the legal framework and state support systems, unfair competition, administrative barriers and others. To activate the implementation of innovations in small business organizations they must have an efficient innovation system. The composition of the innovation system development of small businesses, according to the author, can be represented in a scheme with allocation as the main units of the internal and external factors of development. The main functional task of the innovation system in the AIC is to develop information resources for the scientific and technical achievements, innovation projects and the subsequent operational bringing of innovations to farmers. Among the key problems which should be solved with the help of an innovative system we can refer improving the efficiency of small businesses and rural livelihoods, and boost the supply of food. Consistent adherence to these principles and the complexity of the innovation system will contribute to the successful development of innovative small businesses agribusiness, enhance economic efficiency, which ultimately will contribute to further growth of availability of food.


mall business in AIC; innovation; innovative system of AIC

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