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The article examines the prospects for the development of the fitness industry in Russia. The authors give a brief historical background of development of the domestic market in the field of health technology services. They conclude that the fitness industry began to develop about 15 years ago. Until then there was virtually no fitness in our country - there were no clubs in which people can do aerobics, yoga or strength training, we had not special techniques and coaches. The situation changed when from abroad began arriving professional trainers with their master classes and fitness clubs, which conducted business seminars for those who wanted to develop this direction in Russia. The Russian market of fitness services began development from the premium segment. Today the development of the business network of fitness clubs occurs mostly due to intense regional expansion, although more than half of the market in value terms belongs to Moscow and St. Petersburg. We can confidently say that the market of fitness services in Russia has a huge potential and it will grow rapidly in the next 20 years. Tambov region is one of the most convenient in terms of transport accessibility and collective accommodation facilities, the environmental component and a reasonable pricing policy. Scientists was conducted a brief analysis wishing to regularly engage in fitness and sports in general (Tambov), represented the direction of demand types of fitness services. Revealed motives for visiting fitness centers, the most popular services and direction by which will continue the development of services of fitness clubs.


fitness services; healthy lifestyle; fitness market; Tambov region; health-promoting technology

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