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The lack of theoretical elaboration of the issues of composition, structure and evaluation of the innovation infrastructure as a whole and its individual elements, necessity to allocate key factors of production and the lack of methodological justification for such evaluation determines the selection of directions for presented research. The main purpose of the scientific work is the formation of methodological approaches to the development of promising directions of the elemental composition of the innovation infrastructure. In the article the authors approach to defining the essence of the region's innovation infrastructure to identify its role in the development of the industry through consistent disclosure of the composition of its components, forms of organization and functioning. As a result, composition of elements (objects) industry innovation infrastructure as a set of individuals and legal entities that contributes to the implementation of (not provided) innovation: innovative entrepreneurship and innovation are specified. Diagram of mechanism «Innovation Lift» integrated with the general scheme of the region's innovation infrastructure, which allowed carrying out the projection of the elevator levels of innovation in the structure of the innovation infrastructure of the Kursk region to identify the directions of its development. The authors propose Directions of improvement of innovation infrastructure Kursk industry, which focused on providing “technological corridor» of passage innovation. The results of the scientific work can be used in the development of innovative concepts of the development of the regions in the framework of the analysis of efficiency and development trends in the development of innovative infrastructure components. The conclusions obtained in this work can serve as a basis of formation and development of innovative infrastructure elements.


innovations; innovation infrastructure; innovative elevator

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