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In this article considers the peculiarities of the application of marketing in the tourism industry. The relevance of the study is determined by the active development of the market of tourist services, the specific characteristics of which at the moment are the internationalization, integration and regionalization, dynamic changes in tourism demand and supply. The tourism industry is becoming a leader among other sectors according to the degree of the multiplicative influence on the economy. In the economies of many leading countries in the world tourism sector has a key, budget generating position. The development of the tourist market in Russia, of course, will increase the level of competition in the economic sphere. The tourist product is diverse and created by the efforts of many companies, each of which has its own methods of work, technologies, specific goals and targets for the creation, promotion and implementation of the tourism product, using various tools of marketing policy. All this is already required to change attitudes to the importance of the role of the complex of marketing actions for the activities of travel agencies. It should also be taken into account that the overall aims and the content of the marketing process for companies which involved in the creation, promotion and implementation of the tourism products are also different. Marketing at the level of tour operators and travel agencies and marketing at the level of producers of tourist services belong to sphere of Commerce Marketing and marketing at the level of National Tourism Administration and Marketing at the territorial level belong to the noncommercial marketing sphere. A result of research summarizes the main features of the application of marketing in tourism.


marketing; tourism; tourist product; tourist services; marketing activities

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