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Social entrepreneurship influences to the development of the national economy, the welfare of individual entities, growth of business activity and GDP, to the political, economic and social aspects of life of the Russian population. Social entrepreneurship solve various range of tasks, such as: improving the economic efficiency of the unemployable citizens, people with part-time job and people who working on develop their own business. The article highlights the features of social enterprise such as: social task is higher than the financial component of the enterprise; the company is stable, competitive and profitability; there is a possibility of copying and reproduction experience. The authors have identified obstacles to the development of social entrepreneurship in Russia: the absence of regulation, the complicated registration procedures and maintenance activities, the absence or ineffectiveness of measures to support social entrepreneurs, the lack of a clear separation between social entrepreneurship and charity. This kind of activity helps to realize myself as an individual entrepreneur, to be able to solve the problems and provides an opportunity to create a platform through which anyone can take part in the charity. Social entrepreneurship, in the implementation of important structural features of economic activity will be an important mechanism for increasing the level of government in the future. Development and maintenance of social entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation is one of the main problems, the relevance of which increases with each passing year. The main direction of activity must become the popularization of social business, a demonstration of his capabilities as "do something worthwhile" and change the world.


social entrepreneurship; business; economy; private entrepreneur; charity

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