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The authors in the article describes the economic interests of economic entities in the economic system of the country in view of specificity interests of economic entity in regional markets. Specificity is indicated by a different demand in different regions of the country and through its influence on the economic interests of market participants. The process of institutionalization of the coordination of economic interests of the center and the regions is determined, in particular, as a resource to improve production efficiency and as a base for the development of competitive interaction between companies within the regulated regional development. The authors identified factors disintegration of the common economic space in the formation of commodity markets on the basis of summarizing the characteristics of the process. To a combination of factors include such as the insufficient of institutionalization of the processes of formation of commodity markets, varying levels of concentration, poor interrelation forms of production and consumption. Authors identified geo-economic prerequisites for the formation of regional commodity markets. The main prerequisite is defined anthropogenic landscapes. As the specialization growth and differentiation of labor in the regions the commodity markets are developing with varying degrees of competitiveness. Benefits industrially developed regions of Russia (their infrastructure, technical know-how, a much larger scale even local markets and proximity to suppliers of key components, the political stability and an invisible externally but is nevertheless the most important social adaptation which necessary for the efficient functioning of the economy) outweighed. The authors identified and substantiated the possible direction of developing commodity markets in regions of the country within the framework of the single economic space. It is proved that a small manufacturing sector serve only local commodity markets, which are protected by import quotas. Because of this, the importance of local markets for the Russians improved greatly due to differences in income (for consumers) and salary (for producers).


regional economy; regional markets; the determinants of regional development

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