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Much of Russian import dependence in the mineral raw materials, in the presence of the huge potential in this area continues to be one of the most discussed topics. Zircon is included in the «List of the main types of strategic minerals», but, in spite of significant reserves, its production in Russia in its infancy. Zircon is in very short supply of raw materials at now, thus strengthening the raw zircon base in Russia is an important task. The article describes the main features of the development of the domestic market of zircon. The authors compare consumption of zircon in the world and in Russia. The authors found that the zircon is primarily used for the production of ceramic and foundry products, refractories, metal zirconium and other chemical products. They indicated the main areas of consumption of zircon in China and Western Europe, Italy, Spain, Germany. It was found that the current demand of zircon concentrate in Russia covered by foreign supplies. The authors concluded that Russia is highly dependent from the Ukraine's supply of zircon concentrate. Scientists conducted the study of world zircon production by regions, which shows that the main producer of zircon in the world is Australia. The current level of zircon production in the Russian Federation is not able to meet the demand for this raw material. They assessed the prospects for further production and consumption of zircon in Russia. It was analyzed of the cost of zircon on the border of the Russian Federation for the last 15 years. Authors make a conclusion about the need to develop its own mineral resource base and the implementation of the import substitution program zircon raw materials.


zircon; import substitution; mineral raw materials; the world economy; industrial economy

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