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The article investigates the structure of the economic security in relation to the current economic conditions because on the one hand economic security acts as the purpose of the functioning of the economic system, and on the other hand acts as a condition of its stable sustainable development. As applied to the task of consideration the economic security structure in the system of its maintenance, it should be noted that this process is deterministic set of external and internal factors, which include the general trends of macroeconomic indicators, the perception of the economic processes by individuals and economic entities, peculiarity of maintenance the competitiveness of countries, territories and business structures on internal and external markets. Economic security, from the standpoint of the structural approach, is delimited on three elements by the author: economic independence (control over national resources); stability and sustainability, creating a secure environment and guarantees for entrepreneurial activity; the ability to self-development and progress. Analysis of the structural components has allowed to identify the most likely threats to economic security of the Russian Federation: growth of the poverty rate of the population , property differentiation of the population and massive unemployment; criminalization of economic relations; worsening of the differentiation of economic and social development of the regions, the probability of which is confirmed by relevant indicators. For solving the problem of the economic security, there is a necessity of government institutions to create mechanisms for the implementation and protection of national interests of economic development, among which the key role given to fiscal, which was established in order to ensure the maintenance of the level of employment of stable economy. The author suggests, in the framework of the well-known forms of tax policy: the highest taxes, economic development and reasonable taxes, a set of tools of maintenance of economic security of Russia.


conomic security; structure of economic security; maintenance of economic security

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