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In this article the questions of the development of small and average business in woodland sector of low-forest regions are considered. It is established that countrywide functioning of business in forestry happens unevenly, despite the reforming of the forest legislation and economic and administrative functions. For a low-forest zone use of the woods which is carried out as an entrepreneurial activity happens in various forms including multi-purpose use of the woods, i.e. a possibility of a combination of different types of forest exploitation. For implementation of offers on development of small business it is necessary to involve the technological and organizational capabilities which developed in low-forest regions. The priority directions of development of small and medium business in the low-forest zone differing in protective function of the woods, in their small area in structure of land grounds, in special ecological and social value can lead that production of technological spill for the slabby enterprises from undersized and low-grade wood; power use of wood and the industrial wastes which are not used in industrial processing; production from wood for local needs; processing of low-grade wood on charcoal, and production of wood chemistry; agro forestry can become more spread. In view of high costs of acquisition of the specialized equipment at the regional level it is expedient to introduce program measures of subsidizing for leasing payments for the acquired machinery and equipment. Development of small and medium business in forest sector will be promoted by the measures of economic support directed to updating of the fixed business assets on qualitatively new technical base at the expense of compensation of a part of costs of payment of the first contribution at the conclusion of the contract of leasing for the equipment and modernization of forestry and landscape production.


small and middle enterprise; forest sector; support; leasing

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