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In article the author revealed the question of virtualization of communication in modern society, in particular among youth reveals reflected in social communications and rendering social support. At the initial stage of deep studying of this question the author investigated «portrait» of modern youth. As a methodological basis the author took theories of reference groups of J. Mid and G. Blumer as they emphasize that development and socialization of the individual depends on such factors as structure of the personality and a reference group which the individual enters. In article the author gave results of research on the basis of interview of representatives of modern youth in information society, especialy typologies of modern young people in the conditions of universal informatization and use of «gadgets» for receiving and exchange of information and revealed that among youth from 18 to 25 years the vast majority abstracts from the world real and plunges into the world of virtual life and communication. The same who doesn't recognize the world of virtual interaction are also disturbing group owing to «backwardness» from spirits of the times. The most perspective for development of society both real, and virtual is that category of youth which applies products information technologies to achievement of success in various areas of activity: from leisure before career development. The carried-out analysis gives the chance for a wide range of studying of the questions concerning adaptation of youth in society, social communications of youth and social roles in the world real and virtual owing to ambiguity of consequences of introduction of information technologies in life of society both real, and virtual.


information technologies; youth; information society

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