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In article authors considered the tourist industry which represents actively developing sphere of world economy influencing such primary branches as: transport, agricultural, construction, communication, production of consumer goods. In modern conditions the system analysis of features of development of the market of tourist services gains the special importance because changes of external factors and conditions under the influence of economic and other sanctions gradually change geography of tourist streams. The institutional structure of tourist branch of economy is slowly modifying in comparison with the happening transformations of internal and external conditions, the worsening condition of the market of tourist services in the foreign tourist centers which are traditional vacation spots for the Russian citizens. During the pre-crisis period the market of tourist services of Russia was one of the most actively developing, but now travel business has to work in a situation of high degree of uncertainty. As a result of research authors revealed the main problems of development of the market of tourist services and proposed ways of their solution. The unique role of the state in development of the market of tourist services predetermined the existence of «failures of the market». First of all, the state influence expresses in aspiration to overcome «failures of the market» which can be the negative effects appearing in the course of functioning of the market of tourist services of the country and the region that connects with application of outdated technologies, use of natural resources in the rigid form increased by anthropogenous load of environment, etc. The state softens influence of such negative effects directly through existence of positive effects at the market in general and redistribution of the received economic benefits.


tourist market; travel companies; tourist product; tourist services; state

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