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Authors defined the main criteria and indicators of competitiveness of production on the example of mechanical engineering: quality, differentiation of goods, the price determined by costs for production and sales of products. Its potential ability to make competitive production characterized by the following criteria belongs to the main indicator of competitiveness of the enterprise: timely renewability, technological level and quality, price. At the same time the most important indicator of machine-building production are charges and operation of the equipment. It is known that the price as single expenses of the consumer occupy an insignificant share in total charges and operation of the equipment throughout service life taking into account expenses on current, average and capital repairs. As the main operational indicators of quality of machine-building production authors considered: productivity, reliability, maintainability, automation level, specific consumption of materials, energy on production on this equipment, working conditions and the number of service personnel, weight (weight capacity), dimensions and transportability of cars, patentability, perspective possibility of their modernization, operational costs, economic efficiency and payback period. One of the main indicators of production of mechanical engineering is its renewability: new production possesses lower material capacity, power consumption and labor input. Conclusion: the comparative analysis of a domestic and foreign sample (coiled tubing machine) has shown that the domestic equipment is at an identical technological level, and on separate indicators even above though some indicators were lower at a domestic sample (coefficients of industrial safety, weight capacity and maintainability), that is to domestic experts is what to work in increase of a technological level and according to competitiveness of machine-building production on.


criteria; indicators; competitiveness assessment; machine-building production

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