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The number of people of advanced age from year to year grows in the Russian Federation. Legally this concept «elderly» is consolidated to the citizens who have stepped a boundary of a retirement age. Stereotypic ideas of aging often lead to the unsympathetic handling of elderly people, a social inequality, and their participation in a social production accompanied by discrimination and pressure from employers. The working pensioners have no privileges in the labor legislation, the rights and duties are similar to other categories of workers. In work of the elderly person it is necessary to consider that he won't be able to take out long physical and psychological activities, fast rhythm of change of tasks and instant reaction. Their discipline, aiming at result will become positive aspect of use of such workers. Pensioners are loyal to incomplete working loading and low earnings. Work allows to delay biological aging, increases feeling of pleasure of work, therefore, increases usefulness of this person for the organization. It isn't necessary to expect from elderly workers the same results as from young or average years, but at competent arrangement of personnel duties they don't become less valuable. In case the elderly person is still capable to work, the employer should consider this possibility. Activity of the pensioner shouldn't be burdensome for the enterprise and at the same time has to keep interest of the worker in performance of the professional duties assigned to him. Legislative initiatives have to be very consistently and accurately and don't infringe upon interests of other categories of workers. Pension reform which hasn't shown need only to consider interests elderly, but also to expand opportunities for their further preservation as a part of labor became the first step in the direction of the working pensioners.


working pensioners; elderly person; labor human resource

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