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In article the author proved the need of realization of the strategy of import substitution at the industrial enterprises of our country allowing to consider features of formation of economy of the Russian Federation in last decades. The most perspective in modern economic and political conditions is realization of strategy of the mixed import substitution. For the purpose of development of model of realization of the specified strategy the author made the analysis and generalization of scientific literature and used the Microsoft Visio software product to creation of algorithms. The import substitution strategy realization model offered by the author developed for the created and operating industrial enterprises, organically enters in the concept of the state policy of import substitution pursued in our country. In model there are two key directions of development: own production of import-substituting production and replacement of separate elements of a production system - raw materials, materials, accessories, the equipment, technologies, services. Improvement of the offered model regarding specification of a tool kit for realization of each concrete direction and a stage of strategy of import substitution can be the basis for further scientific researches. The model means the list of concrete steps which will allow the modern industrial enterprise to develop and realize step by step strategy of import substitution with the state support. Application of this model will promote practical realization of policy of import substitution at the local, regional and state levels. Growth of number of the competitive domestic industrial enterprises resorting to assistance of the state not incidentally, and considering it as the integral element of strategy of the development will become result of such realization. Also it will allow to create new businesses and to modernize the available productions from a position of reasonable and expedient import substitution which will be created in Russia and will be not only focused on the global market and the global competition, but also on the domestic market - for satisfaction of domestic demand and improvement of quality of life of the population of the Russian Federation.


import substitution; strategy of the mixed import substitution; economic sanctions; a domestic production; modernizations of the industry; economic security; competitive advantages; national economy; strategy realization model

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