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The regional market of banking products is the main component of regional economy without which functioning and development of real sector of economy of the region is impossible. Nevertheless, today there is a problem of further existence and development of regional banks, their abilities to compete with large extra-regional banks. Unevenness of economic development of regions of Russia promotes formation of an imbalance between regions on saturation and granting banking services: the more investment attractive region is, the more its banking system is developed. Because of sharp division according to the size of commercial banks of Russia influence and a role of average and small banks on real sector of economy of the region considerably decreases. Lately tactics of large banks which seek to expand the business and to occupy all new markets in regions, poses threat of loss of a share of the regional market and further functioning of regional banks, forcing them to look for ways of increase of competitiveness at the regional banking market. One of problems caused by the necessity of preservation of positive tendencies of development of regional banks in the conditions of instability of an economic situation is improvement of the regional market of banking products of which along with positive regularities also the negative phenomena are characteristic now. In this situation regional banks need to create business strategy on the basis of the analysis of demand for banking products in the region from real sector of economy. Accurate positioning of regional banks will allow them to accumulate financial resources and to occupy the niche at the regional markets of banking services.


regional market; market of banking products and services; innovations; banking products; competition

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