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One of the main achievements of the liberal reforms happening in the Russian Federation is updating of the rights and freedoms of the person. The main idea and the fundamental principles of protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens become a cornerstone of democratic transformations, strategically important problem of the XXI century. In our country, as well as in any other, except law-abiding citizens, there are also citizens who have violated the law. Any kind of criminal penalty connects with a complex of restrictions of the rights and freedoms as the persons serving criminal penalties remain citizens of the state, have their rights and duties, it imposes special requirements to standard fixing of restriction of these rights and freedoms. The persons, detainees taken into custody, serving sentence in the form of restriction of freedom, arrest, imprisonment or administrative detention have the right for delivery of health care, including in necessary cases in the medical organizations of the state health system and municipal health system, according to the Russian legislation. The inspection carried out by prosecutor's office of the Tambov region has revealed a horrific image. Nearly a third of the equipment in hospitals and health centers of «Medical and Sanitary Part № 68» institution has wear degree about hundred percent, there is an acute shortage of medicines and medical experts. Condemned and taken into custody cannot always receive medical aid on a paid basis though have the right to it. The prisoners having HIV infection are examined irregularly. At the same time the management of FPS of the Tambov region insufficiently effectively uses regional potential represented by Medical institute of Tambov state university named after G. R. Derzhavin.


rights and freedoms of citizens; prisoners; jails; medical care; criminal penalty; penal system

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