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In article authors made classification of educational services according to three state documents regulating educational activity: Federal Law № 273, all-Russian qualifier of services to the population, qualifier of additional educational services. Authors allocated 11 classification signs (type and form of educational services, the education purposes, rendering duration, training methods, payment form, level of trainees, contents of the program, development level, creative participation of the teacher, form of the organization and content of process of educational activity). It allowed to segment educational services and the marketing activity corresponding to them according to requirements of the external macro environment defined at the level of the state. For definition of a substantial part of educational service authors made the terminological analysis of this concept found in scientific and publicistic literature that allowed to allocate the key making perceptions of service (1) product/goods of production; 2) vocational training of staff for the benefit of the person, societies, the states; 3) process of creation of the human capital (a system/complex of knowledge, skills, the abilities promoting realization of cognitive interests, development of the personality); 4) transfer of knowledge to individuals, formation/gain of knowledge; 5) public benefit; 6) civil/commercial relationship) and to range them as the importance for the consumer that can be useful for formation of model of educational service as object of marketing activity.


educational service; classification of educational services; components of educational service

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