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In article the authors revealed economic interests of owners of an intellectual product - authors, state, employers, by means of consideration of a concept of economic interests, a concept of the owner of an intellectual product, a concept of an intellectual product. The authors defined intellectual product as result of intellectual activity of its creator, the right on which use is protected by patents, certificates, or norms of an author's right. Results of intellectual activity are not only the products participating in a market turnover at their use in activity, transfer of rights to them to other subjects, but already during their creation, patenting. Owners of intellectual property items can be: authors, their successors, employers, at whose enterprise the intellectual product, firms-customers, the state was created. Many rights of owners of intellectual products are similar, therefore, some requirements, so and interests determined by them are similar. The authors established that economic interest is a property of the economic subject commensurating the expenses and results at realization of requirements and on this basis making decision on the further activity; it is the party of each economic relation which exists until subjects of economy are interested in it; it is an element of the development mechanism of the economic relation. Economic interests of owners of an intellectual product are their properties defining development of the economic relations until all participants of the relations are interested in creation and use of an intellectual product. Economic interests of owners of an intellectual product can be both unidirectional, and multidirectional. Requirements and the rights of each owner define and implement economic interests by means of creation of the economic relations.


economic interest; intellectual product; owner of intellectual product

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