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At scientific community there is an idea of new reading and judgment of Marx and Engels's heritage today. The specified tendency develops into discussions, on pages of scientific publications, in mass media. To a deep regret, quite often judgments bear a considerable subjective basis in themselves. Separate statements are from a context of either the composition, or all scientific heritage, and on this basis sensational conclusions are made. In article the author made an attempt of consideration of institutional impact of the Russian component on formation of the Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’s revolutionary theory. Russia with its enormous resources, often unclear autocracy and bondage of most of the population of the country, at the same time, attracted and pushed away to itself Marx and Engels. The author emphasized that in general including perception of members of the party Great Russia, Russia remained «dark», mysterious spot for great thinkers. The author noted that Marx and Engels's attitude towards Russia was in line with ideas of the Western European intellectuals of our country and our people. In their understanding, Europe came to an end somewhere on Poland, in this regard Russia, to the Russian people refused even in belonging to Europeanness. At the same time, and the author especially focused his attention on it, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels had a constant aspiration, to learn Russia such what it is. In this regard, the author paid his attention to that fact that Marx and Engels's all scientific researches in the field of social sciences were subordinated the ideas of need of a reorganization of capitalist society in a new formation - communism. Therefore it is necessary to look at all events, the people, actions of the states from a position of the central idea of Marxism - inevitability, the next approach of world revolution and existence of the factors counteracting this process.


Marxism; formation; revolution; sketchiness; communism; classes; Slavs; people; Russians; state; autocracy; reaction; agricultural community

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