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Article presented a research of the importance of the criminalistic characteristic of crimes in investigation of unevident crimes. The author studied concept of unevident crimes, pointed out complexity of their disclosure and investigation, noted that this complexity, is generally because of the retrospective nature of investigation of these crimes which main essence consists in ability of the investigator, on the basis of the trace information which is available for it, to restore the mechanism of its commission. Hence promotion of the version by it - the assumptions of the investigated event - plays an important role in investigation of these crimes at an initial stage. The author noted that a certain information basis is necessary for the investigator for the correct promotion of the version and used two information streams for its drawing up. The first consists of the actual circumstances received by the investigator on concrete business, the second undertakes from the data contained in criminalistic characteristics of crimes of a certain look or group. In its structure there are all important circumstances concerning a proof subject which need to be established on this category of criminal cases. At the same time the task of the investigator consists in their specification and specification in relation to specifics of the concrete investigated crime. Hence the author noted the importance of the most criminalistic characteristic of crimes and increase of requirements to its contents, studied information basis of the criminalistic characteristic as set of the material, ideal and other traces consequences of criminal activity giving an idea of its characteristics. The criminalistic characteristic is the system including compound and connected among themselves elements. At the same time it as the uniform complex, has practical value only when the correlation connection and dependences between its elements having natural character and expressed in quantitative indices are established. Studying of this criminalistic category shows that now among scientists there is no consensus concerning the maintenance of the system that is quantity of the elements entering it. The author noted facts of their unreasonable increase which depreciate this scientific category, lead to loss of its criminalistic value.


unevident crimes; investigation of unevident crimes; criminalistic characteristic of crimes; structure of the criminalistic characteristic of crimes

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