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Formation of the environment of ecological safety at all levels is essentially important for ensuring health of the nation. Ensuring acceptable level of ecological safety at the municipal level belongs to one of important problems. To provide controllability with the public relations and processes, municipal management can order all variety of social and organizational forms of social being under a condition if it reaches quality of system, organized integrity of the parts and components making it. The city is a difficult organism. Increase in pollution of the air basin, water objects and the soil, degradation of lands of agricultural purpose in the adjoining territories accompany growth of the cities. In this regard in recent years the question of formation of the complete ecological environment in municipalities of the large industrial cities became rather serious problem requiring special attention and search of its decision. The environment of the modern cities suffers most of all from ecologically dirty industrial output: the machines, the equipment and technologies applied, first of all, in automotive, power, chemical industry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy. Besides, it is necessary to pay attention that the architecture and city planning with great difficulty give in to greening. Contrary to desire of people of the city build of high-rise residential buildings, almost without climatic factors, noise loading of streets, in general features of the environment of life and psychology of the person. Big density of population in the cities, the lack of green plantings, range of trips to work, etc. often promote increase in incidence of inhabitants of city settlements, traumatism, aggression, alcoholism and drug addiction. Today one of the directions of the solution of this problem is development and implementation of comprehensive municipal programs.


municipal unit; environment; ecological safety; municipal programs

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