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In article the author generalized various opinions of scientists and gave the most complete definition of electronic business as sets of technical and organizational forms of commission of the financial and trade transactions carried out with use of electronic systems, allocated and considered kinds of electronic business, such as electronic trading, Internet banking, electronic auctions, distance and electronic learning and distinguished during the research the main features and advantages of electronic business in Russia, such as: possibility of work worldwide, efficiency of marketing and advertizing strategy, worthy service of users of the Internet companies, decrease in transaction expenses. The author considered main directions and features of modern development of electronic business in Russia: integration of participants and tasks; orientation to a long-term outlook; considerable investment investments; an emphasis on modern basic scientific research in the field of finance, economies, statistics and information technologies, full-scale reflection of economic activity; increase in electronic and information security; improvement of quality of service and expansion of service; growth of trust of consumers in all areas and regions of the country, macroeconomic instability. The author analyzed tendencies and the perspective directions of modern development of electronic business in Russia, such as mobilization, native advertizing, personalization of offers, increase in safety of transactions, emergence of new types of the intermediaries specific to Internet business, especially considered the new direction of conducting electronic business which appeared recently - social networks, studied strong and weak aspects of ensuring competitiveness of a segment of the Russian electronic commerce and concretized the main trends of development of electronic business in Russia in the context of transformation of requirements and desires of consumers.


e-Business; electronic business; Internet trade; e-Business; electronic commerce

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