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In article authors considered features and advantages of leasing as forms of financing of capital investments. The foundation of high competitiveness of national economy is in many respects laid at the level of economic entities. In turn, the level of competitiveness of the domestic companies entirely depends on rates of the organization of the new productions meeting modern and perspective requirements of the market and, therefore, closely connects with processes of expeditious updating of fixed assets of the enterprises and their modernization. Thus, the competitiveness of national economy finally depends on degree and the speed of providing the enterprises with the equipment in necessary quantity and the range. Necessary transformations are limit to opportunities of the enterprises to use borrowed financial means, a lack of the capital and also low efficiency of the realized projects and lack of strict control of target use of these means. For successful development and revival of investment processes, the forms of investments operating in Russia have to be complemented actively with the financial mechanisms providing fixing of cash flows in real production sector and efficiency of these investments. One of such tools is leasing, widely and successfully applied around the world. Development of leasing in Russia as means of formation of the transparent and effective mechanism of investment policy has great potential opportunities. Without demanding from the enterprises of large one-time costs of own means, leasing at the same time guarantees purposeful development of financial resources that finally will allow to attract possibilities of the Russian capital market completely unused so far in the industry. Leasing in modern conditions can become the important instrument of activation of innovative activity of the enterprises.


leasing; financial leasing; operative leasing; advantages of leasing; feature of leasing in Russia

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