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In article authors carried out the analysis of the current state of hotel business in the country developing in close interrelation with the market of tourist services in which the processes of globalization and integration exerting the most direct impact on regional hotel business proceed and considered the most important categories of the market - supply and demand which provide action of a market mechanism. Demand for hotel services changeable, depends on season, is subject to seasonal fluctuations. Production of a hotel product demands high material inputs at significantly smaller variable expenses. Authors proved the main tendencies of hotel business: the fitness centers, the healthy, healthy nutrition, a special zone for communication and free Wi-Fi which needs to be considered for attraction as it is possible the bigger number of clients. Authors analyzed the main statistics of activity of collective means of Tambov, conducted a regional research of the market of hotel services, the popularity rating of an object (hotel) on the websites Â, TripAdvisor is, 101 hotels which bases on responses of travelers and reflect position of hotel in relation to competitor companies in the region. Assessment of hotel services is important advantage of hotel which provides to the guest necessary information on compliance of objects of the industry of hospitality to consumer expectations and preferences. Dynamics of indicators of regional hotel economy testifies to need of improvement of quality of material and technical resources of the enterprises, carrying out optimization of engineering procedures, creation of a wide range of additional services. Authors allocated problems which solution depends on introduction of the main tendencies of hotel service in process of service of the guest.


industry of hospitality; development tendency; client; guest; services; regional enterprises

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