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Research objective: clarification of intrinsic features of an entrepreneurial activity in the context of their theoretic-legal reflection. By means of comparative and legal and system and legal methods the author carried out the characteristic of a concept and essence of an entrepreneurial activity, at the same time defined their features in the context of theoretic-legal aspect. In view of features of modern economical and legal reality, the problem of clarification of intrinsic features of an entrepreneurial activity within its theoretic-legal refraction causes basic attention. The objectivity of the marked approach expresses in particular that the efficiency of implementation of an entrepreneurial activity directly depending on the nature of legal regulation defines a vector of further development both in economic, and in legal spheres. The similar conditionality allocates special value for a problem of formation of standard and legal system which purpose is regulation of basic elements of an entrepreneurial activity. As the main stages of similar transformation it is obviously necessary to pay attention to importance of practice of high-quality change of set of the existing normative legal acts that, in its turn, has to lead to transformation of the remained rudiments of command and bureaucratic administrative system. The marked transformations intend to promote formation of uniform space of an entrepreneurial activity which undoubtly has to be in continuous interaction with elements of the horizontal market relations. Such interpenetration causes interrelation of the forms of an entrepreneurial activity existing today among the basic place in which modern economical and legal conditions take its corporate manifestation combining as the general for all forms of an entrepreneurial activity of the characteristic, and the specific features allowing to note special relevance of the marked problem in the context of modern legal and economic reality.


civil legislation; entrepreneurial activity; corporation; legal regulation

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