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In this article authors considered need of use of professional standards for education from a position of requirements of labor market to an education system and its product - to a labor resource and opened the basic concepts of the professional standard: classification of the worker, the generalized labor functions, labor functions. The research bases on relevance of this problem: creation of uniform system of qualifications and implementation of the Development program of digital economy in the Russian Federation. The education, providing training of specialists in the field of the information systems and information technologies demanded at all levels of economy plays a significant role in this program. Authors noted that for training of graduates of the educational program «Business informatics» elements of acquaintance to activities not only in business, but also in the field of application of information technologies as providing process of their activity in various spheres of economy, educations, in the public and municipal administration, in the bank sphere and medicine etc. are in the educational program. Authors considered the possibility of use of several professional standards at design of the educational program «Business informatics» and presented their position on correlation of professional standards 06.013 «The expert in information resources», 06.015 «The expert in information systems» with the educational program 38.03.05 «Business informatics». In the professional main educational program of «Business information scientist» those generalized labor functions, labor functions which carry out the tasks set for graduates of this direction of preparation are reflected and correspond to a certain skill level, and, above all form base of professional competences. Authors came to a conclusion that for formation and development of digital economy in Russia it is necessary high-quality training of specialists in the field of digital information for the enterprises of the innovative and high-tech sector of economy, in the organizations of small, average and large business effective interface of professional standards and the educational program of the corresponding direction of preparation is necessary.


professional standard; educational program; national system of qualifications; labor functions; digital economy

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