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Each type of an entrepreneurial activity develops in the conditions of instability of the economic, political and social relations. Any of spheres of action, along with the general has specific risks. In the present article authors carried out the analysis of the sphere of tourism for the purpose of identification, studying and whenever possible preventions of the risks inherent in subjects of tourist activity: to the tourist, travel agency. The tourist market functions always in the conditions of risk and uncertainty. It demands performance of such tasks as: definition of the reasons and circumstances of emergence of risk; formation of the effective mechanism of management of the tourism industry in the conditions of risk and uncertainty; adoption of administrative decisions on overcoming the negative consequences caused by realization of risk. The management of tourist risk predetermines realization of actions which will purposefully influence risk. They are: carrying out the analysis of an object of risk, identification of risk, risk assessment, selection of ways of impact on risk, formation of the decision, process of impact on risk, control and correction of the received results. In article authors considered ways of impact on risk which are able to allow the enterprises of the tourism industry and to tourists to minimize or prevent possible risks and to predict consequences of their realization, analyzed characteristics of tourist risks, revealed that most often tourism uses such method of management of risks as insurance. Its application gives the chance to the tourist does not think of approach of adverse events on a travel, and to tour operator (tour agency) fully to protect itself from economic, political unstable situations which even more often appear in the modern world.


tourism; tour operator; travel insurance; insurance risk; insurance event; insurance of responsibility of tour operators; indemnification fund; fund of personal responsibility of tour operator

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