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PJSC «Sberbank of Russia» is the largest financial institution of the country, bank focuses the business model on satisfaction of financial needs of clients and development in the long term of non-financial services. In the conditions of prolonged recession the bank showed sustainable development and successfully realized the strategy, returned to growth after two difficult years. PJSC «Sberbank of Russia» realized full-time systematic work on increase in efficiency of the main business processes. In this article authors made an attempt to characterize contents and quality of registration and analytical ensuring deposit operations of bank, to carry out the analysis and to give an assessment to efficiency of deposit policy in the conditions of the remaining uncertainty. Realization of the purposes and tasks of bank in a difficult economic situation is impossible without appropriate registration and analytical providing. The operational and qualitative information saved up and grouped in the system of accounting of bank gives the chance to management to carry out regular monitoring of resource base of bank and efficiency of its use. Results of the analysis of efficiency of deposit policy of PJSC «Sberbank of Russia» demonstrate that the last two years were for bank, as well as all banking system, very difficult. So, in 2014-2015 indicators of efficiency of primary activity of bank tended to decrease, however PJSC «Sberbank of Russia», having correctly chosen reference points and by carrying out tough policy, could keep stability and in 2016 returned to a steady rise.


deposit operations; accounts for accounting of the raised funds; synthetic accounts; debit of the account; the account credit; deposit policy; structure of deposit portfolio; resource base; minimization of expenses

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